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												for row in $( textile file list thread $ID -l100000 | jq  --arg ADDRESS "$ADDRESS" -r '.items[] | select(.user.address == $ADDRESS) | .files[0].file.hash' ); do
	START=$( textile file get $row --content | jq 'select(.event == "start")')

	# If we got any results back from Start events, we can skip creating it again
	if [ ! -z "$START" ]; then
		echo "Game on!"

											await textile.threads.add(
										const threadKey = 'your.bundle.id.version.Chat'
const threadName = 'Chat'
const config = {
	key: threadKey,
	name: threadName,
	type: Thread.Type.OPEN,
	sharing: Thread.Sharing.SHARED,
	force: false,
	members: ["P7X3gZus5H15tWCxk4oP6EVsgAM9vwUfCyepAKw49QuRyPYs"]
const newTarget = await textile.threads.add(config)
									AddThreadConfig *config = [[AddThreadConfig alloc] init];
config.key = @"your.bundle.id.version.Chat";
config.name = @"Chat";
config.type = Thread_Type_Open;
config.sharing = Thread_Sharing_Shared;
config.whitelistArray = [@[@"P7X3gZus5H15tWCxk4oP6EVsgAM9vwUfCyepAKw49QuRyPYs"] mutableCopy];
NSError *error;
Thread *thread = [Textile.instance.threads add:config error:&error];
if (error) {
	// Do something with this error
} else {
	// Success!
								let config = AddThreadConfig()
config.key = "your.bundle.id.version.Chat"
config.name = "Chat"
config.type = Thread_Type.open
config.sharing = Thread_Sharing.shared
config.whitelistArray = ["P7X3gZus5H15tWCxk4oP6EVsgAM9vwUfCyepAKw49QuRyPYs"]
var error: NSError?
let thread = Textile.instance().threads.add(config, error: &error)
if (error != nil) {
	// Do something with this error
} else {
	// Success!
							AddThreadConfig config = AddThreadConfig.newBuilder()


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